Clothing Can
Improve Your Life

TU GLAM’s team is composed of proven professionals capable
of capturing and defining new trends, thanks to their
deep knowledge of the field, and to a network
of specialized partners, coordinated by the TU GLAM team.
There’s no distance, just networking and solutions.

TU GLAM specializes in the project management
of new as well as consolidated apparel and footwear brands.
Taking charge of the project, from the conceptual to the final production stage, planning and handling the timing.

TU GLAM offers a complete consultancy and design service.

TU GLAM’s mission is to observe, understand and interpret changes
and needs of the global market, and to provide a clear, and informed
interpretation geared to the product.

Constant monitoring of trends, together with the knowledge of
materials, technologies, producers, distributors and retailers insure
that TU GLAM provides companies with concrete solutions.

Discovering novelties in advance, meeting people, their culture
and subculture is the best way to take part in the global market,
in order to fully understand the exigencies and to adopt the best
means to satisfy them.